Translation Services

Odysseus Language Services offers professional services and customized solutions:

  • Translation and sworn translations of legal texts
  • Translations of tourist guides, exhibitions, artist biographies, museum catalogs, brochures, translation of essays, publications and series of books and monographs
  • Translation of cultural publications
  • Translations of medical, scientific and pharmaceutical texts
  • Translations of catalogs
  • Translation of E-books and web contents
  • Translation of studies: sociology, geo-political, historical, artistic architecture, sculpture, archeology and art criticism books
  • Translations for companies and publishers
  • Management of the correspondence in a foreign language, at the customer site or remotely
  • Pick-up service with interpreting for representatives of companies, training institutes, institutional and private entities at fairs, conventions, conferences, cultural events, diplomatic visits and business trips
  • Language courses in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese languages


Technical and specialized translations

The rate for the technical and specialized translation service is established on the basis of the length determined by the original folders (1 page = 1500 characters including spaces), the specialization and complexity of the original text and delivery terms. The cost of the service includes the revision of a professional native speaker of the target language.

Advice / Linguistic-cultural counseling

Readings, research and correspondence. The rate for the linguistic-cultural consulting services is made on an hourly basis. The final budget will also include the reimbursement of costs associated with the progress of advice (such as, for example, expenses for travel and travel, telephone or postal charges).

Interpreting Services / Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation

The rate for interpreting services is performed on a daily basis. In the case of transfers, the budget realized will include the reimbursement of any travel expenses, room and board.

Teaching / Language courses

The rate for the teaching is done on an hourly basis. The budget drawn up will also include the reimbursement of the costs of your services (such as, for example, expenses incurred for travel, expenses for the purchase of specific materials). To ensure maximum transparency, each reimbursement item will be detailed in the budget.

Legal notes

MINUTILLI ANNA MARIA, personal company with tax residence in via Cutinelli 13, 76125 Trani (BT), Italy, and with VAT number 07993760722, it exercises the profession of guide and tour leader, translator and interpreter according with the Law No. 4 of 14/01/2013 making use of collaborators.

Reservations for hotels and restaurants and bus is made in partnership with the travel agency Vassalluci located in via Pasquale Cafaro 3, 76123 Andria (BT), Italy.

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